Search Mentor Program SMP™

Are you a new agent looking to launch your career on the right foot? Or are you an experience Real Estate Agent looking to expand your business? Introducing the Search Mentor Program (SMP™) where we pair new agents with experienced agents to ensure new agents learn not only how to run a successful business but where to find new business. You can learn scripts until your black and blue in the face, but if you don’t have any clients to use these scripts on, it’s pointless. Your mentor will not only show you how to get business but they will show you how to run your business smoothly and effectively!

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Real Estate Mentors

Have you ever wanted to build a team without the expensive overhead costs? Now you can build that team you’ve always wanted or teach to pass down all your knowledge to your students. Search Realty will recruit new agents for you and direct agents to our Search Mentor Program (SMP™)


You build the payment structure according to your business plan. Whether you want to charge a monthly fee or take a percentage off every deal your student makes. It’s up to you on how you want to build your team/classroom. You can take on 2 students or 30, however amount of agents you feel you can handle teaching them everything you know about how to generate business and converting business into sales.

To qualify to become a mentor you need to:

Have at least 5yrs experience in selling real estate and

Have completed least 25 transactions in your last 12 months in real estate. We are constantly looking for mentors, sign up today — build your classroom and increase your income!

Hungry Agents!

Are you a new agent or an experienced agent looking to further your business and become a better Real Estate Agent? If so find a mentor that is suitable for you. In our mentor page you will be able to choose a mentor based by:

  • e.g. FSBO’s, Cold Calling, Door Knocking, etc.
  • If cold calling (for example) is not appealing to you maybe you want to find a mentor who specializes in a method that does appeal to you.

  • Find out how much each mentoring agent is charging. It could be a monthly fee or a percentage off every deal you make.
Other Credentials:

  • Find out how many years’ experience the mentor has.
  • How much annual gross commission income he/she has made in the past 12 months and how many deals they’ve closed.
  • Find out how many Facebook fan pages they have and how many Twitter followers they have.
  • You are looking at their resume as much as they’re looking at yours!


The Search Mentor Program (SMP™) has been produced to encompass the vision of Sterling Wong our Broker of Record. Our real estate industry is filled with agents who should not be practicing real estate, with the roll out of Search Mentor Program (SMP™) the ultimate goal here is to have every agent in the GTA trained properly to service today’s home buyers and sellers. With low overhead and a level playing field, this is a win-win situation for our mentors and agents. 

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