Marketing via Google Ads

The only brokerage in Canada to be a trusted Google Partner Search Mortgage implements proven-by-Google marketing tactics.


Let’s Talk About It

Targeting The Right Audience.

Paving the way for your success, Search Mortgage leverages the world’s best platforms.


Through advanced GOOGLE marketing technology, we’re able to:

  • Diversify your ads across different mediums to capture, engage, and interact with your target audience effectively.
  • Ensure that your ads are placed in front of customers who are actively searching for what you have to offer.
  • Put you at the top of consumers’ minds and position you as the expert in your market.


When you join Search Mortgage, you’ll get immediate access to our GOOGLE platform which enables you to:


  • Yield higher commissions on listing presentations
  • Build a brand and retain clients,
  • Generate leads in any city, on demand!

How It Works

We utilize innovative advertising tools and SEM techniques certified by GOOGLE to gain maximum exposure for your listings, while generating quality buyer leads.

  • Geo-location Targeting
  • Keyword Tuning
  • Sales Funnel Optimization
  • Remarketing
  • AdWords
  • Cross-platform Marketing
  • A/B Testing
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Facebook/Instagram
  • YouTube Video Marketing
  • Digital Ads with HTML5
  • Call Tracking

Then we put the GOOGLE platform to work by engaging in the following tactics:

Google Search Network

At Search Mortgage, we harness the power of Google Search to to generate very specific leads that match your business needs.

This laser-focused targeting places your text ad in the paid search results at the top of Google Search page to drive more relevant traffic to your listings and increases your chances to double-end transactions.

In fact, Google Search generates 7x more leads than for our agents!

Google Display Network

With Google Display Network, we can farm a specific city, area, or postal code to deliver your branded message – similar to a billboard ad but at a fraction of the cost.

We’ll also create all types of ads for you – video and interactive – in a number of different styles to showcase your brand across popular listing platforms and thousands of websites, giving you maximum exposure and a high click through rate.

Remarketing Campaigns

People who visit and interact with your website or ad are far more likely to convert to quality leads. Through remarketing campaigns, we strategically retarget those visitors as they browse online to remind them of your brand and listings – not the brokerage.

Your databases will be used to retarget previous clients as well as potential new leads as they surf the Web, giving you the opportunity to reach users wherever they’re online and to keep your brand top of mind when they’re ready to sell or buy.

Performance Reporting

Being able to monitor, evaluate, and improve your performance is essential for success, which is why Search Mortgage provides a monthly marketing report, generated by GOOGLE®.

Agents can now see exactly where their money is going, how it’s being spent, and which listings are performing best, gaining deeper insight into the power of Google marketing.

Agent Testimonials

“Joining Search Mortgage was the best decision I ever made! The back-end support provided is impeccable and incomparable. Despite the fact that I came in with experience I found having that Broker Support at the back end a God Sent. They have their own dedicated underwriting team that is available to answer any question, they provide regular coaching to all agents, and any change in policies by any lender or governing body, there is training right away on it, all this helps us to be up to date and in the know for our clients. But what is even more commendable is the Marketing and lead that they generate, that's the game changer, especially for new agents, For me, Search is where I am and will always be. I would recommend Search Mortgage to anyone looking for a place to learn and strive in this field.”

05Preeti Rao

“Search is great as the team is very friendly, helpful, and focused towards helping you achieve your goals - no matter what level you’re at!”

05Harpreet Singh

“Whether a new mortgage agent or years in the industry, Search Mortgage offers a great opportunity for me to continue learning and to stay on top of my game; from weekly webinars and training provided, to my free custom website and leads, Search Mortgage offers me what I need to succeed. I have an entire support team to call on at any time and always get a prompt response.”

05Barbara Singh

More than 90% of Internet users around the world choose Google to find the information, products, and services that they need. That makes Google the most powerful tool for connecting and engaging with your target audience.

Get access to Google Marketing today by joining Search Mortgage today!