Custom Leads

  • Target by Google Search Results
  • Keyword Driven
  • Agents seeking specific types of leads
  • No contracts, a month-to-month basis

When people use Google to search the internet, they'll see your ads above their search results. This is great for generating specific types of leads.

Get The Right Type Of Lead

Promote Your Listing

Increase your chances of double-ending a deal. Get investors for a specific development project by targeting postal codes and specific keywords.

Neighbourhood, city or postal code

Target leads in a specific postal code or city. Farming a postal route and want everyone to see your message? You can do that!

Property Type And Price Range

Target townhome or condo buyers. Target buyers in a target price range.

Native Language

Get leads that speak your language.

Buyers or Sellers

Target just buyers or just sellers. This preference option is not possible on Pay As You Go Plans.

Both Plans Include Monthly PDF Report From Google

Impressions, Conversion Rates, plus 20+ more metrics

Which of your ads are generating the most leads

Your cost per lead and which keywords are working best

Geographic location of visitors

Common Questions

  • Do I need to have a website?

    We create 3 pages for all our agents that you can use for your ad listings.

  • What kind of ads will my leads see?

    These are text ads shown above Google search results.

  • Which keywords should I use?

    Once you purchase a campaign, we'll do our best to make your campaign successful, including helping you with keyword targeting and creating an ad.

  • Do you guarantee results?

    No. Every Custom campaign in suited to you and your specific goals. But we'll help you set up your campaign, and you'll get a comprehensive report from Google on how your campaign is doing. Using the data in the report, you can fine-tune or change your campaign as needed.

  • Do you guarantee the quality of leads?

    No. Leads you generate for your Custom campaign will contain a proportion of fakes and are not guaranteed for quality like our Leads On DemandTM. However, Custom Campaigns give you exactly the leads you want, based on criteria you specify.

  • What's the difference between Custom Campaigns and Remarketing?

    Remarketing is about targeting your existing leads to strengthen your brand and soften the first conversation. Custom Campaigns are about getting new leads.

  • What's the recommended ad budget?

    We recommend a budget of $ASK/month per 50,000 geographic population. The higher your budget, the more leads you generate.

  • How does billing work?

    Pay at the end of each month. We bill exactly to the penny, so if we don't use your entire requested budget, you will see that clearly. You can pay online via FreshBooks invoice, VISA/Mastercard, or email transfer.